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Marketing solutions…

Need more publicity?

We have a successful track-record gaining column inches in the local, national and international press: newspapers, national magazines, radio and international websites.  We can help you achieve coverage in the media, build your reputation and credibility and gain ‘quality’ sales without increasing your current marketing budget or advertising spend. Planning on launching a product or business in the UK and in need of a blast of exposure? We can help.

Need some sizzling copywriting?

Grab your audience’s attention and hang onto it!  We write, create and compel.

Haven’t had the time or energy to secure your trademarks?

Let us do it for you.  We can apply to protect your logo or company name in the UK, Europe or Internationally. We advise on the IPO charges and process. We keep your costs low with our *exclusive* price commitment: pay our fees ONLY after we secure your trademark(s). If we don’t succeed, you don’t pay our fees. 


Unsure what marketing tasks to action next?

We can help you in a number of ways…

  •  We offer an in-depth full marketing audit, assessing and analysing your marketing materials, tools and strategy and presenting the results in a detailed report.  This is suitable for companies that either employ dedicated marketing staff or have roles which include marketing responsibilities.
  • We have a decade of experience writing strategic marketing plans that are functional and effective.  We can work with you to produce a suitable 1, 2, or 5 year plan for your budget and if required, implement some or all of the tasks outlined for you.



Work done


Working with a creative nail art client, our press releases: ‘Sparkly-nails,’ a business with bling,’ gained wide coverage with colour photos in national magazines, including SHOUT and LOOK, and newspapers such as The Sunday Times. The CEO went onto receive the award, ‘Young Business Woman Of The Year’:


We’re experienced writing articles for a multitude of publications; books, technical manuals, charity non-profit print eg. Tibetan Child Aid feature on Vodafone UK, blogs, social networking and online SEO content eg. Namvar – with a Canadian twist, we’ve written the audio copy for the homepage avatar at  Click the female avatar to activate. 

Intellectual Property

Eyeball Marketing is trademarked and currently has a 100% success rate in securing intellectual property (logo/name protection) for companies such as ‘Beacon’ and ‘Foreign Tongues’. 

Market Research

Eyeball grew from academic roots and subsequently has been commissioned to complete product specific market research. eg. ‘Small Biz Accounts’ competitors price structures survey for a new accountancy product and associated report production with recommendations.