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Need a quick answer to a marketing/P.R question? Don’t have time to research the information or meet with a marketing company?

Eyeball Marketing will answer ANY marketing question for £50 ($80) within 48 hours – and email you the response as a 650+ WORD REPORT.

I have zero budget. How can I promote my start-up effectively? Which is the best C.V infographic to use? How can I use the 4Ps of marketing? Tell me the main strategies I can use to price my goods/services? How do I deal with negative comments on my blog/site? I’m an artist. How can I sell my work online? How much of my capital should I invest in my marketing? I’m overseas and want to do some marketing in sector XYZ in the UK. Can you tell me about it? How can I write a press release that the magazines/newspapers notice?  What does PESTLE mean? Where can I access a free online marketing plan template?  How do I develop a questionnaire to give to my customers?  Is it worth joining the Chartered Institute of Marketing?

And any other marketing related questions you can think of…   Simply enter your email address, click the Pay Now button/make payment and you’ll be taken through to the question form:


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