National Film Marketing Award

National UK Film Club Marketing Award

Eyeball Marketing Director Karen White has worked as the Marketing Manager for a non-profit film club that has just received the best Marketing & Publicity Award by the BFFS.

Press release:

‘The 2011 Film Society of the Year Awards took place in London on the 17th September, hosted by the
British Federation of Film Societies (BFFS). Torbay Film Club was invited to attend and thrilled to receive
the, ‘Best Marketing & Publicity’ award.

The awards are a celebration of the achievements of over 550 UK film societies and community cinemas
and recognise their significant contribution to both cultural cinema and community cohesion. Togo Igawa,
the prolific UK based Japanese actor starring in films like Le Herisson, The Last Samurai and Topsy-Turvy
presented the awards. In his address, Togo commented on the similarities between his approach to finding
audiences and that of film societies; ‘My personal aim is ‘not to expect audiences to come to you, but to go
and find your own audience’. That is why I am here today and I would like to encourage film societies’ most
important maxim – ‘embrace local community’.’

Marketing Manager, Karen White said, ‘It was a tough category, with a number of other prestigious national
film clubs also making the short-list, including Exeter University Campus Cinema. So I’m really delighted to
accept this award on behalf of Torbay Film Club.’

The BFFS Vice Chair described Torbay Film Club’s achievement saying, ‘Torbay Film Club had a planned and
organised campaign that made the most of a limited budget. They had clear local targets, worked across all
formats with a thorough distribution strategy. Their website sets an excellent example and their branding is
strong and coherent across all forms of media.”