‘Marketing takes a day to learn… a lifetime to master.’ Phil Kotler.

At Eyeball Marketing, we’re a marketing company with a difference.  We’re down to earth, care about our clients and produce visible results.

We’re here to help you promote yourself, cost effectively, efficiently and successfully and keep your costs down by using P.R with a dash of innovation.  Although we are Chartereed Marketeers, we’re not here to thrill you with lengthy analysis of revised marketing theories.  Instead we like to keep it practical, so you can see the results in your business or organisation.

If necessary, we can provide a complete service from marketing research and planning through to delivery. After an initial marketing audit where we assess your needs in relation to your potential input and budget, we will suggest relevant steps to take. This might include an online digital marketing strategy, organising P.R or advertising, securing intellectual property (name/logo protection), producing copywriting, event promotion or designing your logo as part of a re-branding exercise.

‘Marketing is the devil.’  Billy Bob Thornton.

To equate marketing to the Dark Lord might be a little strong, but it’s fair to say some people see it as a necessary evil. We understand your frustration at the pace of change in marketing.  Just when you were getting your head around the SWOT acronym, what seems like a whole new marketing world of tweeting, LinkedIn and SEO arrived. And just as you’re getting yourself into gear with these developments, new tools continue appearing.

At Eyeball Marketing, we aim to help you focus on what’s necessary and required to produce the growth you want.  We’ll take you through simple steps, focussing our expertise on you, your business and meeting your targets and growth needs.